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Insect Armor


Insect Armor

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    16 oz

Protect your car from insects!

Diamondite Insect Armor is a temporary bug shield that protects your surface from insect remains, bird droppings and other contaminants from creating too strong of a hold on your paint. Diamondite Insect Armor renders the acidity of contaminants ineffective and will stop contaminants from negatively impacting your clearcoat. Diamondite Insect Armor is perfect for a road trip and is easy-to-use.

When you embark on a road trip, or any long drive, you can pretty much guarantee that bugs will be a major issue. Not only are they gross in general, but they can cause a good deal of harm to your clearcoat. Luckily, Diamondite Insect Armor works as barrier between your clearcoat and the buggy environment. 

Diamondite Insect Armor is basically a temporary bug shield that prevents any insect remains, bird droppings or other surface contamination from creating a strong hold on your paint. This is beneficial because since it acts a shield, even though contaminants may fall on your surface, Diamondite Insect Armor allows you more time than normal to remove these contaminants before they can negatively impact your precious clearcoat.  This is because Diamondite Insect Armor uses neutralizing ingredients to render the acidity of these contaminants ineffective. 

Perfect for a long trip, Diamondite Insect Armor is easy-to-use and can be the first product in your arsenal to combat bug season. Before applying, make sure your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and dried. Next, apply Diamondite Insect Armor to a microfiber applicator and spread in an even layer on the surface. Be sure to let the surface dry before driving. This part is key, make sure you REMOVE Diamondite Insect Armor from the surface after 48 hours using a dedicated wash, as Diamondite Insect Armor is just a temporary shield that needs to be removed. 


  1. Thoroughly clean and dry area to be treated before application.
  2. Apply several strips of product to a microfiber applicator.
  3. Spread an even layer onto surface.
  4. Allow product to dry before driving.
  5. Remove Diamondite Insect Armor from the surface within 48 hours of application using a dedicated wash.

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