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The history of Diamondite® started in 2000 when Bryan Schouest, the company’s founder, was in search of a solution to the gritty film that coated his car’s windshield. Unable to find an effective remedy, Bryan began working with a chemist to formulate his own product that would remove stubborn films from automotive glass. After a year of trials, Bryan had the answer in the form of Spray Clay, a totally new glass cleaning product made with kaolin clay. Around Spray Clay, he built the Diamondite® Glass Cleaning and Protection System.

Diamondite® continued to grow, introducing more glass care products, all with equal success. Drivers who struggled with cleaning automotive glass could now get the kind of results they wanted; clear, smooth glass that resists scratching and contamination. To date, there is still nothing on the market like Diamondite®.

A new beginning…

When Palm Beach Motoring Accessories acquired Diamondite® in November 2006, the brand had expanded to include paint products as well. But Diamondite®’s defining products are for glass. PBMA has adopted the best of Diamondite®’s products and technology and combined it with our years of experience in the automotive care field. We believe we’ve fulfilled Diamondite®’s full potential by expanding upon the glass care technology that put the brand on the map.

Working from the template created by Diamondite®’s chemist, our own chemist brought to the table the polymer technology we have cultivated through the development of Wolfgang Concours Series and Pinnacle Natural Brilliance. PBMA’s development team saw Diamondite®’s potential beyond glass care. Many of the same principles apply to other clear surfaces, including plastic and vinyl.

Redefining glass & plastic care…

Clear surfaces have a greater tendency to streak, are unable to hide imperfections, and have the greatest impact on driving safety of any exterior features. Their clarity is of utmost importance. Yet, most drivers do not regularly maintain plastic lenses, glass, or clear vinyl. Without protection, these surfaces deteriorate just like the paint would if left unprotected.

Perhaps the reason why clear surfaces are neglected is that there are very few products created just for clear surfaces. The industry has struggled to create consumer-friendly restorative products for clear surfaces…until now.

Diamondite® now includes complete systems for glass, clear plastics, and clear vinyl. Diamondite® products are real solutions to both restore and protect the clear surfaces on vehicles, boats, and RVs. These products represent a new benchmark in clear surface care.

Finely milled abrasives, crystal clear polymers, surfactant cleaning technology – these are the components of the new Diamondite®. We’ve taken the core principles of automotive surface care and reconfigured them to address the problems of glass, plastic, and vinyl. You won’t find more comprehensive solutions to the common challenges of clear automotive surfaces: water spots, mineral etching, fine scratches, industrial fallout, tree sap mist, rail dust, discoloration, and oxidation. Diamondite®’s cutting-edge formulations tackle clear surface issues and leave headlights, vinyl windows, and glass with like-new clarity and shine.

There are simply no better products on the market to clean, restore, and protect the clear surfaces of your vehicle, boat, or RV. Diamondite® is the ultimate glass and plastic care systems.

The need driving the company’s creation is now Diamondite®’s mission: to provide real solutions for the maintenance and care of clear surfaces.




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