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Glass Polish

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The vision is clearer! 

Diamondite Glass Polish is formulated to remove hard water spots and road film, while still preparing a surface for a glass coating. Diamondite Glass Polish removes various types of contamination from glass surfaces with a higher intensity than a typical glass cleaner. Plus, Diamondite Glass Polish can be used either by hand or by machine. 

Glass cleaners are great products, but sometimes you just need a little bit of an extra push to really remove some set-in contamination. This contamination can not only look ugly but can also be hazardous when driving. Before using a glass cleaner for touch up cleaning, first use a glass polish like Diamondite Glass Polish.

Diamondite Glass Polish is designed to remove hard water spots and other surface contamination. Using light, high-quality abrasives, Diamondite Glass Polish gently removes these surface contaminants, such as water spots, road film, bug guts, tar and other types of environmental contaminants. As a polish designated for glass, Diamondite Glass Polish removes more than a traditional glass cleaner.

Not only that, but Diamondite Glass Polish also is the perfect product to use before applying a coating. Diamondite Glass Polish will fully prepare the surface for a glass coating by removing any pollutants that would prevent proper coating bonding, making sure the final result will be nothing short of perfection.

Whether you are beginner or an expert, have a lot of time or are short on time, Diamondite Glass Polish can be used in two ways to suit your needs. You can use it by hand, which will take more time, but is good for those who don’t have a machine polisher. To use by hand, apply a few drops to a hand foam polishing pad. Rub vigorously onto the surface and continue rubbing until you see that the contaminants have been removed. Remove excess residue with a microfiber towel. You can continue the application if you still see contamination. 

If you are more experienced or have a machine polisher you love using, you can use it to apply Diamondite Glass Polish. Just apply a few drops to a polishing pad and apply to the surface with a light to medium pressure, making overlapping patterns. Remove excess product and continue application until all contamination is gone. 

DIRECTIONS: Can be used by hand or by machine.

Hand Application:

  1. Apply several pea-sized droplets of product onto a hand foam polishing pad.
  2. Rub vigorously onto the surface being treated.
  3. Continue rubbing until contamination has been removed, applying more polish if necessary.
  4. Use a clean microfiber towel to remove excess product and inspect your results – continue application if contamination is still present.

Machine Application:

  1. Apply several pea-sized droplets of product onto a foam polishing pad.
  2. Apply to the surface using light to medium pressure.
  3. After several passes, inspect surface to see if more polishing is required.
  4. Repeat until desired results are achieved.  

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