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Glass Cleaner Gel

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    20 oz

Slick, thick gel glass cleaner

Diamondite Glass Cleaner Gel is a uniquely formulated glass cleaner that features a thick gel consistency, that clings to the surface for a longer-than-average cleaning time. Diamondite Glass Cleaner Gel removes different kinds of contaminants from both non-tinted and tinted windows. The final result after using Diamondite Glass Cleaner Gel will be a streak-free, crystal-clear finish.

Specially designed as a thicker gel consistency, Diamondite Glass Cleaner Gel clings to the surface for a longer period of time than your average glass cleaner. The gel consistency is thick and powerful, working hard without running off and making a mess. Contaminants such as fresh-water spots, dust, dirt, pollen, fresh insect remains, and other surface contaminants will be removed. 

Diamondite Glass Cleaner Gel contains SiO2 properties to enhance slickness and protection. It will allow for water beading, helping to prevent water and other contaminants from sticking to the surface. All without streaking as Diamondite Glass Cleaner Gel wipes clear and leaves a crystal-clear finish. 

Don’t let the gel aspect scare you, as Diamondite Glass Cleaner Gel is very easy-to-use. Coming in the ease of a spray, spray Diamondite Glass Cleaner Gel directly onto the glass surface and wipe way with a clean glass towel, flipping the towel to buff away even further. It’s that simple!


  1. Use on cool surfaces out of direct sunlight.
  2. Spray Diamondite Glass Cleaner Gel directly onto the glass surface.
  3. Wipe away using a dedicated glass cleaning towel.
  4. Flip to a new side and buff away any excess product. 

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