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Streakless & Spotless Glass Bundle

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Streakless & Spotless Glass Bundle

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Spotless, streakless, perfection!

When you want perfect glass, look no further than the Diamondite Streakless & Spotless Glass Bundle.  First, the Diamondite Glass Water Spot Remover Gel works to dissolve hard water spots on glass surfaces, while also preparing the surface for a coating. Use with the Cobra Microfiber Applicator Pad to apply in an even layer. To upkeep your glass to be free of water spots and contaminants, use the Diamondite Glass Cleaner & Repellent to remove water spots and road film quickly and easily. Remove any excess residue with the Speed Master Premium Glass Towels with little to no streaking.

Items in this kit:

Diamondite Glass Water Spot Remover Gel – Diamondite Glass Water Spot Remover Gel is a fast-acting, heavy duty cleaner that works to dissolves hard water spots on glass surfaces.  More aggressive than a traditional cleaner, Diamondite Glass Water Spot Remover Gel works on even treated surfaces to remove dried on minerals and other contaminants. Diamondite Glass Water Spot Remover Gel can also be used to ready a surface for a coating, but does not interfere otherwise, as it does not leave any protection of its own behind.

Diamondite Glass Cleaner & Repellent – Diamondite Glass Polish is formulated to remove hard water spots and road film, while still preparing a surface for a glass coating. Diamondite Glass Polish removes various types of contamination from glass surfaces with a higher intensity than a typical glass cleaner. Plus, Diamondite Glass Polish can be used either by hand or by machine.

Cobra Microfiber Applicator Pad – With over 200,000 strands of advanced microfibers per square inch, nothing matches its ability to remove dirt, residues, and surface oxidation. An 80/20 polyester/polyamide blend of “split” weave fibers, 100 times finer than a human hair, ensure smooth and even wax distribution. This advanced microfiber fabric is a lint free material. Microfiber Applicator Pads are angel hair soft, and completely non-abrasive, so they are safe to use on even the most delicate surfaces.

Speed Master Premium Glass Towel -Speed master has long been a trusted name in detailing tools and accessories. They have continued to uphold that legacy with the creation of the Speed Master Premium Glass Towel! The genius diamond flat-weave design of the Speed Master Premium Glass Towel minimizes any streaking or smearing during the cleaning process. This makes sure that even the dirtiest windows and glass can be brought to absolute transparency with ease!

Kit includes:

  • 1 – 16 oz. Diamondite Glass Water Spot Remover
  • 1 – 20 oz. Diamondite Glass Cleaner & Repellent
  • 3 – Cobra Microfiber Applicator Pads
  • 3 – 16×16″ Speed Master Premium Glass Towel

A total retail value of $46.94.

Save $13.95!


  1. Use on cool surfaces only, out of direct sunlight.
  2. Apply several strips of product onto a microfiber applicator pad
  3. Apply to a 2 x 2 sq. ft. area using a crosshatch pattern, making sure to overlap each pass.
  4. Allow to dwell for no longer than 30 seconds.
  5. Using a slightly damp microfiber towel, buff away residue.
  6. Use another dry microfiber towel to dry the surface.
  7. Continue around entirety of glass surface.
  8. For more severe water spotting and contamination, multiple applications may be required.


  1. Work on a cool, dry surface out of direct sunlight.
  2. Spray Diamondite Glass Cleaner & Repellent directly onto the surface.
  3. Wipe away using a clean microfiber glass towel.
  4. Flip to a new side of your towel and buff away excess product.
  5. No cure time necessary!

glass care made easy #diamondite

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