Diamondite® Instructional DVD
Learn how to restore clear automotive surfaces with Diamondite products.

DiamonditeThe Diamondite Instructional DVD will show you how to use Diamondite products to create clean, clear glass and plastics surfaces on your vehicle. The DVD demonstrates how each Diamondite kit works and the actual results achieved. Each segment of the DVD shows the process in real time so you can follow along.

If you have been hesitant to tackle glass and clear plastic issues on your own, the Diamondite Instructional DVD will give you the confidence and know-how to erase water spots, eliminate scratches, and restore clarity using Diamondite’s revolutionary systems.

At the beginning of each section, you will see exactly what is included in each kit. Then you’ll see how to apply each product, for how long and using what tools. If you can perform the easy steps on this video, you can restore your vehicle’s windows, headlights, and instrument panels. The kits also work great on marine and RV surfaces.

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Diamondite® Instructional DVD
Item #: DIA-DVD
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