Diamondite® Clear Vinyl Stain Reducer
Stains and yellowing vanish in seconds!

DiamonditeDiamondite Clear Vinyl Stain Reducer removes stains and yellowing to restore the clear, clean shine of soft vinyl windows. Just spray it on and watch discoloration vanish. There’s no faster, easier way to restore the like-new appearance of soft, clear vinyl windows on convertible tops, boats and soft-top Jeeps.

Clear vinyl windows on convertible tops, jeeps, and boats contain UV stabilizers and plasticizers to keep the material soft and supple. While these additives prolong the life of vinyl, they can’t stop the aging process. Ultraviolet light causes plasticizers to leach out of vinyl little by little. Vinyl windows can become yellow and brittle in 2-3 years, but the convertible top itself may last for much longer.

Diamondite Clear Vinyl Stain Reducer is the first step in the Diamondite Clear Vinyl Kit. The solvent in Clear Vinyl Stain Reducer starts removing the yellow film and stains on contact. Clear Vinyl Stain Reducer lifts dirt and oils out of the vinyl’s pores to immediately improve its clarity. (Next, you’ll use Diamondite Clear Vinyl Cleanser to remove cloudiness and any remaining yellow hue.)

Diamondite Clear Vinyl Stain Reducer is completely safe on the vinyl and does not strip the remaining plasticizers. Since the loss of plasticizers is what has caused the degradation of the vinyl in the first place, Clear Vinyl Stain Reducer targets only the foreign oils and dirt particles that fill the vinyl’s pores. Dirt and debris can cause fine scratches to appear more noticeable, as well. After using Clear Vinyl Stain Reducer, you’ll notice an instant improvement in the cleanliness and clarity of vinyl windows. Dingy, yellow vinyl windows will clear up in seconds!

Note: The key to total restoration of vinyl windows is to catch the damage early. Vinyl that has cracked is beyond restoration.

  1. Tape off the area surrounding the vinyl with painter’s tape.
  2. Spray the vinyl window generously with Diamondite Clear Vinyl Stain Remover. Allow it to sit for 10 seconds.
  3. Wipe the window dry with a soft microfiber towel. If some stains or yellowing are still present, perform a second application. Some discoloration will require step 2, Diamondite Clear Vinyl Cleanser, to completely clean the vinyl.
VOC Compliant

Diamondite® Clear Vinyl Stain Reducer
Item #: DIA-201
Size: 4 oz.
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