Welcome to Diamondite® The Ultimate Glass and Plastic Care Systems.

Welcome to Diamondite! Diamondite is a revolutionary collection of glass and plastic care products unsurpassed in their ability to restore and protect clear surfaces. Diamondite's glass polish, cleaners, repair kits, plastic polish, vinyl cleansers, and clear surface sealants give you the ability to restore clear automotive surfaces to like-new condition.

Remove acid rain water spots, polish out fine scratches, and seal your car's windshield with one of Diamondite's glass kits. Remove haze and yellowing from vinyl convertible top windows and marine enclosures with the Diamondite Clear Vinyl Kit. Repair clear plastic headlight lenses with the Diamondite Clear Plastic Kit. Diamondite has a kit to polish and protect every clear material on your vehicle, boat, motorcycle, RV, and aircraft; including acrylic, Plexiglas®, Lexan®, glass, clear vinyl, and polycarbonate. Each Diamondite product is designed for easy application with a drill, poisher, or by hand.

Achieve clear results with Diamondite — the maker of the ultimate glass and plastic care systems!


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